Christianity Abortion

Revision on abortion. Arguments for and against

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Christianity Abortion: Catholics believe that life They believe that the foetus has equal rights and
begins at conception. Therefore they believe that its life should be protected.
abortion is a sin and is always wrong in all Pro-choice- the view that women should have
the right to choose whether/not to have an
circumstances as it is destroying a life. Some
abortion. Because they believe that the foetus is
Christians (Protestant) argue that it is not not yet a person, whereas the mother is.
possible to identify the moment when life begins, Alternatives to abortion
however the embryo should be treated with Abortion should be considered as an absolute
respect as it is developing towards being a full last resort.
human person. Direct social and financial support from the
church community.
Pro-life- The view that supports the right to life Fostering provision.
of the foetus. Many Catholics believe that the Adoption in extreme cases.
foetus is a person from the moment of Accepting and welcoming single mothers fully
conception. into church life.


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