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Right to Life - Abortion

What is Abortion? Deliberate attepmt to cause premature expulsion or termination of foetus from the womb.

1967 - Abortion act passed.

Abortion allowed if:

Doctors Agree,

Continuing pregnancy is risk to mother.

Cannot get abortion if foetus is over 24 weeks old (Baby technically)

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Catholic + C of E views


Life begins at conception, abortion is murder.

"For you created my in most being, you knit me together in my mothers womb"

Abortion is a sin.

Church of England:

"Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers multitude of sins"

Mothers life more important than baby.

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Pro Choice

Pro Choice: (yes to abortion)

**** Victims

Health risks

Poor quality of life

Bad disabilities

Adoption is a hard process

Bad disabilities

Life doesnt start till birth / Point of liablilty (24 weeks)

Not doctors choice

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Pro Life

Pro life: (No to abortion)

Possible depression / guilt after abortion

Abortion is murder

Disabled children can sill enjoy life

Each person is unique

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Abortion Alternatives

- Keep baby

- Fostering

- Adoption

- Not having sex

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