Talk in life and literature - Key words quiz

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1. Phatic talk

  • A word to describe someone who 'babbles' in an exchange
  • Almost pointless talk to fill awkward silences in an exchange such as talking about the weather
  • Not talking in awkward situations
  • A normal exchange between two people
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2. Exchange

  • A conversation / talk between two or more people
  • Talk in literature
  • A conversation between people where one person gives someone something
  • A play script

3. Modal verbs

  • Normal verbs
  • Words such as 'quickly' or 'slowly'
  • Verbs expressing necessity or possibility such as 'shall' or 'may'
  • Common verbs

4. Paralinguistics

  • Anything that isn't the actual words, ie, how something is said: such as tone, volume etc
  • How somebody speaks according to their region
  • Someone's accent
  • Someone's dialect

5. Declarative

  • A statement
  • A question
  • A command
  • An exclamation




This is a fabby quiz and it helps me a lot :)

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