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2. Adjacency pairs

  • Two people stood adjacent to each other when talking
  • Two utterances, one after the other, where the first provokes the second response
  • Two words that go together in an utterance
  • A pair of people talking in an exchange

3. Modal verbs

  • Normal verbs
  • Words such as 'quickly' or 'slowly'
  • Verbs expressing necessity or possibility such as 'shall' or 'may'
  • Common verbs

4. Elision

  • Somebody's speech habits
  • The shortening of words such as 'going to' to 'gonna'
  • Formal language
  • Informal language

5. Flout

  • Breaking the law
  • Deliberately going against the rules or conventions
  • Accidentally going against the rules or conventions
  • Breaking school rules



This is a fabby quiz and it helps me a lot :)

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