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Quote Analysis
"I had a peep at a dirty, ragged, black-haired child; big enough both to walk Repetition of "it"- impersonal and suggests Heathcliff being non human
and talk: indeed, its face looked older than Catherine's; yet when it was set on and reinforces that he is an outsider

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Quote Analysis
petting him up far above Cathy, who was too mischievous and wayward for a Intensifier- "too"- suggests her nature
favourite. Mischievous- connotations of playing jokes and being cheeky
Wayward- she is impossible to keep on the straight and narrow- suggests
her hurtful nature from a young age

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Quote Analysis
In other words, I must wish for Edgar Linton's great blue eyes and even Great blue eyes- suggests his good nature, as blue eyes are usually
forehead,' [Heathcliff] replied. associated with this. Use of wish- suggests that Edgar is perfect.
He had a sweet, low manner of speaking,…

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Quote Analysis
'[Isabella] abandoned them under a delusion,' [Heathcliff] answered; Shows Isabella's romantic delusions "hero of romance" pitches Heathcliff as a
'picturing in me a hero of romance, and expecting unlimited indulgences Byronic hero
from my chivalrous devotion. I can hardly regard her in the light of a rational Pre…

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Quotes Analysis
The former was a boy of fourteen, but when he drew out what had been a Preposition but suggests that Nelly is being critical of Hindely crying when he
fiddle, crushed to morsels in the great-coat, he blubbered aloud ... is 14
crushed to morsels fault of Heathcliff…

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Quote Analysis
for she could be soft and mild as a dove, and she had a gentle voice and Lexis of sweetness/kindess soft/mild/peace/gentle/never fierce/never furious"
pensive expression: her anger was never furious; her love never fierce: it was suggests her kind nature
deep and tender. Repetition of pre modification of…

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Quote Analysis
That was my first idea on observing an elf-locked, brown-eyed boy setting his "elf locked" suggests his connection to nature, adjective representing messy
ruddy countenance against the bars. hair suggests his neglect,
brown eyed connection to the Earnshaws
pre modification ruddy pink face suggests his youth
preposition "against"…

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Quote Analysis
He was christened Linton, and, from the first, [Isabella] reported him to be an Fricative alliteration emphasis on his weak nature from birth
ailing, peevish creature. ailing and peevish connotations of weakness and illness shows he has
inherited the Lintons' tendency to get ill.
Noun creature suggests Linton…

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Quote Analysis
At this diabolical violence I [Ellen] rushed on him furiously. 'You villain!' I Post modification of furiously shows her loyalty to Young Cathy and how she
began to cry, 'you villain! is much closer to her then her mother
Repetition of villain shows how Nelly now views him…

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Quote Analysis
I knew, through experience, that I was tolerably attractive. Personal pronoun "I" shows his vain behaviour
Pre modification tolerably suggests a little humidility but then bounced out by
adjective attraction to describe himself, shows his arrogance
Living among clowns and misanthropists, [Cathy] probably cannot Shows his arrogance "better"…


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