Characters Quotes and Analysis

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Key Quotes for Characters
1) Linton: "Oh, he sobbed, 'I cannot bear it! Catherine, Catherine...leave
me and I shall be killed. Dear Catherine, my life is in your hands"
· Repetition of Catherine- shows his dependence on others and show
desperation at his situation
· "My life is in your hands"-hyperbole- exaggerating his illness for
sympathy from Catherine
· Use of exclamative- shows his weakness and moaning
1) (Young) Catherine: "Oh well!" said Catherine with scornful
compassion. "Keep your secret. I'm no coward- save yourself. I'm
not afraid!"
· Use of exclamative- shows her determination and her character-
contrasts with the typical role of women in Victorian period
· "scornful compassion"- oxymoron. She feels angry at him, but also
feels compassion for him- sums up her and Linton's relationship- she
stays because she feels sorry for him
· Sibilance- puts emphasis on Catherine's defiance
1) Nelly: "At this diabolical violence, I rushed on him furiously. "You
villain!" I began to cry, "You villain!"
Pre modification of diabolical- and post modification of furiously-
shows her loyalty to Young Cathy, as she had previously been
supportive of Heathcliff- she has changed for YC
Repetition of villain- shows her changed view of Heathcliff and
cements Heathcliff as the villain
Heathcliff: "He shut and locked it also...You shall have tea,
before you go home"
Shut and locked- dynamic verb. Suggests he has already
planned it and knows what he's going to do
Shall=modal verb, reflects his controlling nature
Oxymoron in his actions- locking the door and offering them
tea. Shows the contrasts in Heathcliff's behaviour- can be
pleasant and villainous at the same time
1) Catherine (Older): "It would degrade me to marry Heathcliff!"
· Use of personal pronoun "me"- shows her self
indulgence- doesn't care for Heathcliff's feelings (or
· Degrade= connotations of being humiliated and
embarrassed, lower class
· Reflects Cathy's behaviour- she wants to be of a
higher class, "Queen of the Countryside"- social class
6) Isabella: "I [Catherine] never feel hurt at the brightness of
Isabella's yellow hair and the whiteness of her skin, at her dainty elegance,
and the fondness all the family exhibit for her"
Lexis of pure, elegant words-
reinforces her character and how TG is more moralised

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Contrasts with Catherine strongly- yellow hair, elegant,
fondness- connotations of almost angelic- who Cathy is
rejected by
Pre modification of "dainty elegance"- suggests further her
Presentation of women- she is the typical civilised women
of the time- dainty, elegant, polite
1) Edgar: "He had a sweet, low manner of speaking, and
pronounced his words as you [Lockwood] do: that's less
gruff than we talk here, and softer.…read more


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