Rural-Urban Change Key Words

Define Urban
The region surrounding the city
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Define Rural
The region surrounding the countryside
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Define the rural-urban continuum
urbans and rural areas are at different sends of a sliding scale known as the rural- urban continuum
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define the process of counter-urbanisation
the movement of people from urban to rural areas
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define rural depopulation
the decrease of population of rural areas as people move to urban areas
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define migration
the movement of people from one place to another
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define immigration
the movement over/across a border to live in another country
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define NIMBYism
Not in My BackYard. Where people are against certain ideas/investments
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Define CBD
Central Business District
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Define NIC
Newly Industrialised Country
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Define Brownfield Sites
A development site where older buildings are demolished or renovated before new development takes place
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Define Greenfield Sites
A plot of land that has not been used before for building
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Define Garden Cities
New, planned urban areas that have village-like communities and plenty of space for private gardens and public open space
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Define Gentrification
the process of improving a house or district for middle class tastes
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Define Regeneration
to bring back to life/use
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Define the Sphere of Influence
the area surrounding a settlement that is affected by the settlements's activities
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Define Threshold population
the minimum amount of people need for a service to be worthwhile
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Define Breaking Point
the point at which people will travel to a different or preferred location for a service
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Define Rural


The region surrounding the countryside

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Define the rural-urban continuum


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define the process of counter-urbanisation


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define rural depopulation


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