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Unit A2
Planning for Change
Urban areas and Employment…read more

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Key topics -Urban
· Where shall we build new homes?
· How is rapid growth affecting cities in
· Can Urban areas be made more
sustainable?…read more

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Urban areas: Where shall we
build new homes?
· How is demand for housing growing?
· Should we build on greenfield or brownfield
sites?…read more

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Why do we need so many new homes?…read more

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What are the causes of this?
· More young people want a
home of their own
· Increasing family break-
· More one-parent families
· Increasing elderly
population who want to
live independently
· Immigration can have an
impact, especially in cities…read more

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What is the government response?
· The Green paper states we
need 4.4 million new
homes by 2016
· 60% of this growth should
· Transport corridors should
be in urban areas on
brownfield sites be used to focus growth
· The CPRE feel that too · Eco-towns are the latest
many greenfield sites are suggestions to
being used as the South- accommodate this growth,
East has few brownfield but there is considerable
areas. opposition.…read more

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