RE-Unit2-Christianity-Roles Within the Family

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Each member of the family is expected to?
fulfil a role given by God
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Parents have a responsibility to?
get married
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And have?
if able
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To___________________for their children?
to love support and care for their children
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To keep them?
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To raise them as?
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E.G. get them?
baptised or Christened
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Children should?
honour obey and respect their parents
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They are expected to ?
care for their parents in old age
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Social Environment

Within the family, children are introduced to?
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attending church

celebrating festivals
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Christian Teaching state that Church is a?
family that all Christians belong to
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The Christian community can provide?
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To the?
family unit
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Whenever it faces ?
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The importance of a family today is that it?
strengthens society
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As it provides?
structure and support
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A family is also where people?
feel the safest
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As they are with the ?
people they love
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Divergent Christian Responses to types of Family

Family ensures that children?
are raised correctly
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Most Christians prefer?
traditional nuclear families
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As this reflects the idea of?
Adam and Eve
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In the?
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However many Christians would also accept?
differing kinds of family
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That provide?
a stable upbringing for children
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Parents have a responsibility to?


get married

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And have?


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To___________________for their children?


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To keep them?


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