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Marriage and the Family…read more

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Key Words
Cohabitation - Living together without
being married.
A legal ceremony giving a
Civil homosexual couple the
partnership - same legal rights as a
husband and a wife.…read more

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Pre-marital sex - Sex before marriage.
Promiscuity - Having sex with a
number of partners
without commitment.
A sexual act between a
Adultery married person and
someone other than their
marriage partner.…read more

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How attitudes have changed to marriage
and family life
· Most now have sex before getting married.
· Socially acceptable for couples to live together
before getting married.
· Average age to be married is 31.8 or men and 29.7
for women.
· Divorce now accepted as a normal part of life.
· The Civil Partnership Act 2004 gives same sex
couples the same legal rights as married couples
· Homosexual sex treated the same as heterosexual
· A considerable rise in single parent families.…read more

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Changing nature of family life
Nuclear family - Mother, father and
children living as a
unit.…read more

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Re-constituted Where two sets of
family - children (step brothers
etc) become one
family when their
divorced parents
marry each other.…read more

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