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Religious Studies
Unit 3: Marriage And The Family Life…read more

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Adultery ­ A sexual act between a married person with someone other
than their partner
· Civil Partnership ­ A legal ceremony giving gay couple the same rights
as a husband and wife
· Cohabitation ­ A couple living together without being married
· Contraception ­ Intentionally preventing pregnancy from occurring
· Faithfulness ­ The act of staying with your partner and not having a
sexual relationship with anyone else
· Homosexuality ­ Sexual attraction to someone of the same sex
· Nuclear Family ­Mother, father and children living together as a unit
· Pre-Martial Sex ­ Sex before marriage
· Promiscuity ­ Having sexual relations with a number of partners within
close range of the previous
· Re-Constituted Family ­ Two sets of children (step) become one family
because of their parents marrying
· Re-Marriage ­ The act of marrying again after a failed previous
marriage…read more

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Young people would not have sex until Most people have sex before they marry
marriage often with several people
Most people would be married by the age of It is socially acceptable for couples to cohabit
25 in Church rather than marry
Marriages would last for life The average person doesn't get married until
they are 30-32 (not in Church)
Homosexuality between males was a Divorce is now acceptable
criminal offence
Most families would be a nuclear family Single parent families have increased
Homosexuals have the same rights as
Re-constituted/Re-marriage is accepted…read more

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Cohabitation and Marriage
· Increased availability of effective contraception
· Christianity lost its influence, fewer people went
to church so were not encouraged to refrain from
sex before marriage
· Increased media publicity, which made
cohabitation seem respectable and made it more
· The presentation on TV and in films of sexual
relationship outside of marriage led people to
confirm sex outside marriage is acceptable…read more

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· In 1969 new laws made divorce cheaper and easier to
obtain (this increased divorce)
· Expectations of marriage changed. Increased equality for
women meant women no longer took sexist treatment
from men
· In previous times women would marry for financial
support whereas in today's society women are
autonomous and can afford to live independently after
· Men re-married because women usually died during
childbirth. Now medical sources have improved and
women live through childbirth…read more

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Family Life
· Increased amount of cohabiting couples means more
families have parents who are not married
· The increase in divorce has led to an increase in re-
marriage this means that there are now many more re-
constituted families
· The extended family is becoming more popular as more
mothers go to work and use retired grandparents to
look after their children
· The increase in the number of divorce and the
acceptance by society of unmarried mothers has led to
an increase in the number of single parent families…read more

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