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Christianity SR
R.S Revision
Believing in God 2.1
1. What do people believe about god?
Atheist doesn't believe in god, they think that science have all the answers.
Theist does believe in god, they believe the world did happen by accident.
Agnostic unsure whether they believe in god, they see more proof and evidence.
2. What are the features of a religion upbringing and how can they lead to believe in god?
Features of a Christian upbringing Effects of a Christian upbringing How these lead to the belief in
Christened/Baptised/confirmation Children are baptized from a young It makes the child feel as though
age. The godparent can influence they are accepted by god also
the child by practising the religion. encourages the child later on in life
Worship Parents teach their children This makes them believe in god and
bedtime prayers and up say thank appreciate everything.
you to god.
Adulthood They have children in a Christian Pass on their knowledge.
-marriage manner
Catholic/ faith school Some children are sent to church Seeing people who also believe
school and learn about the national the same thing making them feel as
curriculum but in a Christina if god really does exist. Also this
environment. Extend their will influence when they make
knowledge decision.
Celebrating Christmas/Easter Worship can help and support This leads to beliefs in god by
church encourages religion and mix making your faith stronger and you
people that share the same belief. get influence by others around you.
3. The design argument
How does the design of the universe support belief in god?
The world is so beautiful and complex independent parts making a whole
This is a complex world, therefore must have been designed
If it is designed, it must have a designer
The only being powerful enough to design the universe is god
So god must exist
Some people argue that complexity of the natural world and the uniqueness of a person's DNA and
thumbprint support the belief of god.
William Paley (17431805) who also argued that God exists by looking at the design of the Universe

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Christianity SR
He said, imagine finding a watch in the street, if you had never seen one before, on examining it, you
would see the workings are very complicated and there must have been a watchmaker who designed
and put it together. It hasn't happened just by chance.
He then said, it's the same when you look at the world. It could not have been made by chance.…read more

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Christianity SR
Others believe that there is no conflict between the bible and science and that the creation story can
be seen in the scientific evidence and six days equal six days.
Some Christians believe that the physical form of the world can be experienced without god but the
beautiful within it cannot. The world is so beautiful and mysterious that there must have been a
power behind its beginning and that must be god.
7.…read more

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Christianity SR
Their faith is being tested by God.
Evil is down to theactivities of Satan (The Devil) in the world.
We are being punished because of original sin the sin of Adam & Eve going against God.
Sin and suffering are inevitable if we are free to choose our own destinies (freewill).Some
people will make the wrong choices.
Through suffering people grow and develop spiritually.…read more

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Christianity SR
Other evangelical protestant Believe that after death the They are taught to believe in
Christian body and soul stay in the the resurrection of the body
grave until the end of the and ever-lasting life.
Roman catholic Christian Believe in both the The resurrection of Jesus. The
resurrection of the body and teaching of the new
the immortality of the soul. testament.…read more

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Christianity SR
The law on abortion is that the abortion can take up to the 24th week of the pregnancy, only if two
doctors agree;
o A risk of physical and mental health of the women
o Physical or mental health of the woman existing children would suffer if a new baby was
born.…read more

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Christianity SR
is at risk. Jesus told Christians to
love their neighbour as
themselves. They accept the
idea that sometimes it can be
the `lesser of two evil'
Other more liberal Christians Oppose abortion but consider Jesus acted with love and
it the lesser of two evils compassion and so Christians
must do the same.
God gave us free will
They believe that life begins
later in the pregnancy or at
birth not at conception
6.…read more

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Christianity SR
8. What are the causes of world poverty?
The causes of poverty is
Natural disasters such as earthquakes in LEDC country
Wars destroy crops, homes and farmland etc.
Corrupted leaders use the money and aid for themselves
Lack of health care and education
The man-made problems are; corruption, leaders, debt and war
9. How and why does Christian aid try to end world poverty?
Christians use the teaching of Jesus to direct them in how they should respond to poverty.…read more

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Christianity SR
Cohabitation and marriages
Availability of effective contraception making it easier to have sex without getting pregnant
Christians lost influence as fewer people went to church
Media publicity of celebrities made cohabitation appear respectable
Presentation on TV and in films of sexual relationship outside marriage as the norm led to
more people regarding sex outside marriage as acceptable
New laws made it much more easier and cheaper to get divorces
Equality for women means that women are no longer prepared to accept unequal…read more

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Christianity SR
Christians believe marriage is a
Gift from god
Marriage is a sacrament
Commitment with someone
You love them
Have a family
Symbolise god love
Fulfilling sex
Roman Catholic and Church of England believe both groom and bride must be Christians
Protestant church allow mixed faith marriages
The main features of a Christian marriage
The emphasis on god's role in the marriage makes it a spiritual agreement with god as well
as a legal agreement
The couples exchange vows that promise a life-long exclusive…read more


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