Religous Studies (Year 9)

Test your knowledge of some of the key things you learn in year 9, in r.s!

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1. What is an 'Intellectual illumination' ?

  • To understand or become aware of something
  • To be illuminated by intellectual people
  • To light a fire
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2. What is a 'Foundation principle'?

  • Basic principle (on which everything is based)
  • The foundation which makes your skin glow
  • The headteacher of the school principle

3. A consequentialist is someone who...

  • believes that the right thing to do is the loving thing
  • states that the outcome of your actions is the most important factor
  • says that what you do is most important

4. A situationist approach would be to..

  • To follow a set of moral rules
  • To do the loving thing
  • Do whatever is the most truthful

5. In which theory do followers of it argue that there are basic moral principles that we should all abide by

  • Natural Law
  • Consequentalist
  • Hedonism


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