Religious studies- Unit 3 Religion&Mortality

What is a crime?
An act against the law
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What is a Sin?
An act against god
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Name 2 types of crime
Crime against: State, Religion Property or Person
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Give 3 causes of crime
-Social, Emotional, addiction and psychological
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6 aims of punishment are:
Rehabilitate, Repent, Reparation, Reformation, Protection and Vindication
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4 types of punishment are:
Community service, Prison, Capital punishment, Electronic tag
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What is capital punishment?
Te punishment of death which is given when a very bad crime is committed.
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Religious quote to support Capital punishment?
'An eye for an eye... A life fir a life.'
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Religious quote again capital punishment?
God say's 'revenge is mine'
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Why are prisons good?
They help rehabilitate and protect society.
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Why are some people against prisons?
some poeple believe they are a waste of money and they are not harsh enough
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What is a drug?
a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or introduced into the body
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Why do people take drugs?
Medical problems, Peer pressure, Curious, Addiction
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4 reasons why people use drugs?
Experimental, recreational, experiential, addiction
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3 types of illegal drugs?
-Stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens
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What does a stimulant do?
Acts on the central nervous system and increases activity of the brain.
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What does a depressant do?
Works on the central nervous system and decreases brain activity
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What do hallucinogens do?
Act on the mind distorting sound and vision.
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Examples of Class A,B and C drugs?
Class A- Cocaine Class B Speed in tablet form Class C- Anabolic steroids
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What is rehabiliation?
A process by which addicts are helped to defeat their addiction to drugs
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Christian views for drugs
Jesus gave his disciples wine at the last supper. If a doctor prescribes you something it is ok to take it.
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Christian views against drugs?
'Your body is a temple of the holy spirit' and it should not be abused.
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Islam views about drugs?
Alcohol and drugs (intoxicants) are haraam ( forbidden) . - 'Make not your own hands contribute to your destruction' Qur'an 2:195
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What is Euthanasia?
Euthanasia is where someone decides they want to end their life but need someone to help the do so
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What is voluntary euthanasia?
Voluntary euthanasia is where someone asks a person to help them die.
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What is non voluntary euthanasia?
Non- voluntary euthanasia is where the person does not make the decision to die as they physically can't.
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What is passive euthanasia?
Passive euthanasia is when no action is taken to prolong life or end it. Passive euthanasia is legal in Britain.
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What is active euthanasia?
Active euthanasia is when deliberate actions is taken to end a life. It is illegal in Britain.
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What does quality of life mean?
How well you are an whether you can live a good life or not
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What do Christians and Muslims believe about life?
They believe all life is a gift from god and should not be wasted
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3 arguments for euthanasia are:
- The person can't live a good life, God gave doctors the ability to develop drugs for euthanasia, euthanasia saves money.
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3 arguments against euthanasia are:
-Impossible to make a law which would fit all circumstances, all people are of value to god, the holy spirit lives in Christians and euthanasia destroys gods temple.
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What are the 5 pillars of Islam?
-Believe in god - Fast - Give to charity - Pray 5 times a day - Hajj (Pilgramig)
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What is judgement day?
Judgement day is when God/Allah decides whether you go to heaven or hell
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Religious quote about caring for the elderly?
'Honor your mother and father'
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Islam teaching about caring for the elderly?
Show kindness to both your parents
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Meaning of wealth?
Large amount of investments/money or possessions
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Meaning of debt?
Where a person or group owes more than they have
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Meaning of poverty?
Being without money, food or basic needs
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Christian views on money?
'You can not serve two masters, money and god'
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Islam views on money?
'Richness is not in your possessions but in the richness of your soul'
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Christian views on gambling?
It is our duty to use wealth properly, e.g to look after our family or to help the poor
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Islam views on gambling?
Totally unacceptable- forbidden by Qur'an. Money earned by man should be spent on his family
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Christian quote about wealth and helping people?
'Refusing to help needy, is refusing to help Jesus'
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Islam quote about wealth and helping people?
'He who eats and drinks while his brother goes hungry is not one of us'
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