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Religion & Equality Independent Project

1-What is a very general answer to why people are viewed equally? Consider how we
were created and The Great Commandment and The Golden Rule.

Most people would say that because we all derive from the same species, we are all equal
because there…

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Religion & Equality Independent Project

2-How did Jesus treat other people? :

Jesus illustrated his principles of courtesy and respect to other when he stopped at a
Samaritan village and talked to Samaritan woman. When Jesus approached the woman
she was rude to him because of his race and his…

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Religion & Equality Independent Project

The Slave Trade:

Between 1500-1800 there were 9-12 million Africans enslaved.
African slavery existed before the Triangular slave trade.
Middle Passage: 6 weeks to 3 months long.
Terrifying experience because they had never seen "white" people before and didn't
fully understand at first what was…

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Religion & Equality Independent Project

Martin L King led the Montgomery bus boycott when a pregnant schoolgirl (Rosa Parks)
refused to give up her seat on a bus, defying Jim Crow Laws, as she was an African
King was arrested but there was a good outcome as a court…

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Religion & Equality Independent Project

women are shown to be important through being one of his disciples and by having
the Holy Spirit in them too.

3- What did St Paul say about women?


4- How does the Creation story suggest to some Christians that women are inferior to…

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Religion & Equality Independent Project

6- Why are some Christians in favour of having female priests?
Some believed that it was necessary to modernise the Church and try to reengage with
people once more and the development of women's status in society. Those who argue
that Jesus chose 12 male…

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Religion & Equality Independent Project

5-Why has the Catholic Church has been condemned for their actions during the

Soon after the Nazis took control over Germany in 1933, the Catholic Church signed a
Concordat (agreement). This agreement meant that the Vatican would acknowledge
the Nazi government as long as…

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Religion & Equality Independent Project

"If we love our neighbour, surely we want them to go to Heaven-so we must
convert them?"

Quotes/ideas for Pluralism:

Christianity has the truth about God, according to the Bible, however other
religions, such as Judaism can also contact God.

Quotes/ ideas for Incluvism:


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Religion & Equality Independent Project

On the other hand, modern missionary workers are prioritising aid in developing countries
by following the example of Christ in their work. They see the need of others rather than
forcing to reject their own culture and religion.

1-What is forgiveness?


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Religion & Equality Independent Project

Eventually the King heard of the ungrateful servants actions and consequently
tortured him until he repaid what he owed.

The Importance of this Parable:

10,000 talents is a lot of money to pay, which illustrates that our debt to God is an
amount no one…


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