Religious Studies: Christianity, All Topics

Revsion notes, and bible quotes for all 12 topics of Religious Studies. Both philosophy and ethics notes. Hope they help.

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· Atheist- does not believe that God exists
· Theist- does believe that God exists
· Monotheist- believes in one God who cares for people and the world
· Polytheist- believes in two or more Gods
· Agnostic- not sure whether God exists
· Deist- believes in a God/divine being who created the world but is not involved with it any
· Incarnate- to become human flesh
· Immanuel- with us
· Transcendent- beyond human understanding/ outside of time and space
· Paraclete- helper (holy spirit)
· Immanent- personal/ close
· Holy- separate/ other/ special/ pure
· Omniscient- all knowing
· Omnibenevolent- all loving
· Omnipotent- all powerful
· Omnipresent- everywhere at the same time
· Anthropomorphism- giving something/ God human emotions or physical human body
· Miracle- an event that is difficult to explain, breaks the laws of nature or goes against
science, Christians believe that miracles come from God
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· There are several problems in describing God:
· We can't see him
· Our human language is limited
· How Christians overcome these:
· Using symbols
· This explains their beliefs, for example a cross reminds of Jesus' death.
· Using analogies/ comparisons
· For example, God is compared to a father, therefore is protective and kind.
· Using metaphors
· For example, calling God a `rock'- like a rock he is strong and a firm foundation.
· Using human attributes
· It is a way of describing God. Its called anthropomorphism which is giving human
emotions or physical features to something. For example, God walked in the Garden
of Eden with Adam and Eve.
· Primary attributes of God:
· Omniscient
· Omnibenevolent
· Omnipotent
· Omnipresent
· Holy
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· According to Christians, God is...
· Kind
· A miracle maker
· Almighty
· Forgiving
· Holy
· A saviour
· Merciful
· Dependable
· Christ
· Faithful
· Caring
· The cross
· Jesus
· A teacher
· The Trinity
· Answerer of prayers
· Judge
· Helpful
· Fatherly
· Loving
· Divine
· Powerful
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· Christians believe in one supreme God, who has three
different aspects. They refer to this as the Trinity.
· Tri- three
· Unity- oneness
· Trinity- three in one
Father Son Holy Spirit
Created the world Only son of God Power of the holy
Powerful Crucified, died, Spirit that conceived
resurrected Jesus Christ
Forgiving Next to God in heaven Powerful
In heaven Will come again to judge Living in you
the living and the dead
Creator, made humans Saviour A counsellor/guide
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