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Religious studies notes Unit 4- section 1 Believing in Allah

Nothing can happen by itself.

Everything happens has to be caused by something else.

So the universe cannot simply happen by itself

This means Allah must exist

A very powerful force must have caused the universe as it's great


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Religious studies notes Unit 4- section 2 Matters of Life and death


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Religious Studies Revision notes Unit 4 ­ Section 3 Marriage and family

How roles Changed Why Roles changed
Woman can vote and become MPs Changes in Law
Women can do any job they want Change in law ; effect of
Women better educated Effective contraception ,
equal rights legislation…

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Religious studies Notes Unit 4- section 4 Religion and community cohesion

Both Men Women
Religious Practice Follow 5 pillars Friday prayers at the Attendance at the
Equal judgement on mosque are mosque is voluntary
judgement day based compulsory depending on her
upon their faith and family commitments
obedience of Allah…

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"Never will I suffer to be lost the work of any
id you male of female." (surah 3)

Government action to promote community cohesion

Community cohesion - different communities living together & sharing 4 things in common

A common vision and sensed of belonging

Ensuring equal opportunities for all in…




It says unit 11 but it is actually unit 4.



IT sais unit 11 but it is 4 and that's good coz my unit 4 one comes first

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