Psychology; Research Methods - Inferential tests

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Chi Squared
Difference, Nominal, Independent Groups
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Spearmans Rho
Correlation, Ordinal
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Mann - Whitney U
Difference, Ordinal, Independent Groups
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Wilcoxon T
Difference, Ordinal, Repeated Measures/ Matched Pairs
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What is Nominal Data
Category Data
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What is interval data
Can be placed in rank order (lowest to highest)
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What is interval/ratio data
fixed and equal distance between all points on scale.
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Where is the Observed value obtained?
from the results
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Where is the critical value obtained?
found on the table
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What do you do if the results are significant?
reject the null hypothesis
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What is a type 1 error?
false positive - reject null hypothesis but shouldnt have
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What is a type 2 error?
false negative - accept null hypothesis but shouldn't have.
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Spearmans Rho


Correlation, Ordinal

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Mann - Whitney U


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Wilcoxon T


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What is Nominal Data


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