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Research Methods Topic 3…read more

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How Researchers formulate
Research is always motivated by questions to which
the researcher wants answers
The research question in Psychology related to
human/animal psychological or behavioural processes
There are 3 types of research question
1. Descriptive (how many students do homework regularly)
2. Relational (are students more likely to do social or
cognitive homework)
3. Causal (if the time taken to do homework was shortened,
will more students complete it)…read more

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The research process in steps…read more

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Step 1 : The abstract
It's made last but appears first in research
It's a summary of the aims, hypothesis,
method, results and conclusion
The conclusion would have the study's
implications…read more

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Step 2: introduction, aims and
What the researcher is going to study
Review of previous research which provides the
background to this study
It should be like a funnel. It should begin broadly and
narrow itself down to the research hypothesis
The reader should be convinced by the reasons for the
The predictions and hypothesis may be stated…read more

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Step 3: Method
Enough information so that you could replicate the
It includes:
Research Design
E.g. repeated measure
How many, age, gender, important details
Descriptions of the tests, questionnaires etc.
Standardised instructions, order of events etc.
What ethical issues were and how they were dealt with…read more

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