Religion and Prejudice Revision

Key Words:

Prejudice - to pre judge someone without actually knowing them

Discrimination - treating someone differently because they are different

Stereotype - to assume a person is something because of a characteristic

Racism - treating someone differently based on their race

Sexism - to treat someone differently based on their gender

Scapegoating - placing the blame onto someone else for something they haven't done

Give two...

Causes of racism - Media, Fear, Ignorance

Examples of prejudice - "All teenage drivers are dangerous", "All people that live in poshville are posh"

Examples of stereotypes - "All blondes are dumb", "All teenagers carry knives"

Reasons why religious believers may be against prejudice - because you must know the person first before you judge them, etc.

Reasons why relgious believers believe in equality - because we are all "made in the image of God"

Because "There is no difference between Jews and Gentiles"

Christian Teachings on Discrimination:

  • "All humans are made in the image of God"
    • Explanation: This teaching…


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