RE Revision - Religion and Prejudice.

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  • Prejudice is an attitude. It means having an opinion which is not based on fact. To pre-judge someone.
  • Discrimination is an action. It means treating a certain group of people differently.

In Britain today, many forms of discrimination are illegal. However, prejudice is not against the law because an attitude can not be made illegal.

Types of Prejudice.

  • Racial prejudice is calling people names because they have a different skin tone than you.
  • Disability prejudice is calling people names to people in wheelchairs
  • Age prejudice is calling people names who are older than you.
  • Appearance prejudice is calling people names because they dress differently to you.
  • Religious prejudice is calling people names who belong to a different religion than you.
  • Sex prejudice is call people names because they are a different sex than you.

Causes of Prejudice.

  • Media - Society as a whole has ideas about certain groups and these ideas are seen in television programmes..
  • Scapegoating - This is when a group of people are blamed for a problem.
  • Fear - We see people who dress differently or eat differently as a threat.
  • Stereotyping - We have a simple idea or picture of people because of their appearance.
  • Herd Instinct - We follow the ideas and beliefs of those around us to be popular.

Christian Responses to Prejudice.

"Do not look on his appearance or on his height because God does not see as mortals see. They look on the outward appearance but God looks on the heart." Samuel 1 Chapter 16 Verse 7.

"There is no difference between Jesus and Gentiles, between salves and free men, between men and women, you are all in union with Christ Jesus" Galations Chapter 3 Verse 28.

Christian Beliefs on Prejudice and Discrimination.


All people are made in Gods image and are equal in Gods sight.


God calls people to live together in a community as equals. Within a community, people depend on one another. No one is more important than the other. They are independant.


Religion is not only about the soul. God also cares about poeples daily lives in society. God wants justice for oppressed people, including those who suffer from prejudice or discrimination of any sort.

The Inner Life.

Its what's inside that counts. God looks below the surface to peoples true character. God searches people and knows them based on their…


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