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Unit 4 - Marriage and the family


"Marriage and the family" Keywords

Adultery - An affair between married people.

Annulment - The formal declaration that starts a marriage.

Celibacy - Never having sex

Civil Partnership - A gay/lesbian couple who have the same rights as a married couple.

Cohabitation - Living together without being married.

Contraception - A way of stopping pregnancies and STI's through pills, condoms etc.

Divorce - Legally ending a marriage.

Extended family - Aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws and sometimes close friends

Faithfulness - Being loyal and trustworthy.

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"Marriage and the family" Keywords

Homosexuality - Sexual behaviour directed towards a homosexual couple.

Nuclear family - A social unit composed of father, mother and children.

Pre-Marital sex - Having sex before marriage.

Procreation - To reproduce. (Birth)

Promiscuity - Having sexual relations with a number of partners.

Re-constituated family - Put back together a family.

Re-marriage - To marry again.

Single parent family - A family with only one parent.

Chasitity - Not having sex outside of marriage.

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How the attitudes to sex and marriage have changed

- In the 1960's attitudes were such that sex before marriage was not accepted. Most people would not have sex before they were married and most people were married by the age of 25, in a church.

- Today attitudes are less traditional, most people will have sex before marriage and the average age of this is generally younger.

- People also are older when they get married as it is now more acceptable for people to cohabit as it is not thought of as living in sin.

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Cohabitation: To live with someone without marriage.

1. It has become acceptable
2. Saves a marriage breakdown
3. Cheaper, no big wedding day.
4. See if you like them enough to marry them

1. Christians believe its wrong.
2. If they have children, people believe marriage is better.
3. 10% or more now have an STI

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Christian attitudes to sex outside marriage

1. Sex should only be between a man and woman married to eachother.

2. Sex outside the marriage is wrong.

3. It would be wrong to have sex with someones future husband/wife.

4. You should save sex for someone you are commited too.

5. Stops STI's if you wait until you're married.

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Islamic attitudes to sex outside marriage.

Pre-Marital sex - Sex outside marriage:

- Sex before marriage is unnacceptable in Islam. Boys and girls are seperated after puberty and there should be no mixing of the sexes apart from close family members.

- It is forbidden by the Qur'an which also states the above.

- The Shari'ah says that sex should only take place in marriage.

- The primary purpose of sex (according to Islam) is for the pro-creation of children, children should only be born in a family where the mother and father are married.

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Islamic attitudes to sex outside marriage.

Extra Martial sex: sex between individuals who are not married (adultery):

- Adultery is a serious sin in Islam and no Muslim should ever commit adultery.

- It is condemned by God in the Qur'an

- It breaks the marriage contact

- It is likey to harm the family, which in the Qur'an is very important.

QUOTE: "Let no man be in privacy with a woman who is not lawful to him or shaytan will be the third" (Hadith)

"The man or woman guilty of adultery or fornication, flog each of them with a hundred stripes" (Surah 24:2-4)

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Christian Marriage

- Marriage is a declaration by 2 people that they intend to spend the rest of their lives together.

- It is a social occassion in that society is witness to what is happening.

- Marriage is a legal contract.

The purpose of a Christian marriage:
1. Couple can have a long life relationship of love and faithfulness.
2. Couple can support and comfort each other.
3. Procreation of children.
4. Bringing up a Christian family.

Monogamous - One man/One woman

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Muslims attitudes to marriage

A declaration in front of witnesses, by each partner, that they are entering the marriage freely and without compulsion.

Emphasises on the purpose of marriage and the fact that marriage is a special sacrament.

Readings from the Qur'an end a short talk on the nature of Muslim marriage.

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Divorce and remarriage in Christanity.

Divorce facts:
1. If you both don't love each other, you both have the right to find someone else. 2. It may affect children. 3. It is a legal document which allows couples to deal with money, housing, custody of children, etc. 4. In God's eyes and those of the church, Marriage becomes permanent, divorce is then frowned upon.

Before 1969 divorces were frowned upon. This has changed because:
1. Cheaper than it was in 1969. 2. Changing the expectations of marriage. 3. Woman are no longer dependant on their husbands for money. 4. Demographic changes (not as many people die)

1. Doesn't allow divorce. 2. Only reason of divorce is if one of the partners die. 3. Allows annulment.

1. Thinks it's wrong but allows it. 2. Allowed to remarry. 3. Not as strict as Catholics.

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