mozart 1st movement from symphony 40. G minor

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What was a typical structure in this period?
Sonata form
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what does sonata form consist of?
Exposition, development,recapitulation
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when was it written?
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Who was it written by?
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What happens it the exposition?
themes are heard for the 1st time. it has two contrasting themes and ends in a defferetn key than started in.
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what happens in the development?
Themes go through a number of twists and turns to keep the piece interesting.
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What happens in the recapitulation?
the themes are recapped and pulls thepiece together but still changing bits used from the exposition.
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name three typical features of classical music...
melodies are easy to remember, gradual change of dynamics and more syncopation the baroque period.
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molto allegro
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time signature?
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instruments used in piece?
Small classical orchestra, 2 horns and strings and woodwind. no trumpets or drums
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the texure is...
mainly homophonic and imitational
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which insttruments start the 1st subject?
the v1st violins then joined by the woodwind
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g minor
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what does the bridge at the end of the 1st subject use?
rising scales and pedal notes
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in the 1st subject what type of phrasing is used?
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what are the dynamics like in the 1st subject?
start quietly, sudden contrasts, lots of cresc and dims.
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what is the interval between the first two notes of the first subject?
a semitone
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what is the key of the 2nd subject?
Bb major(relative major)
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what instruments are used in the 2nd subject?
strings and woodwind
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what does the melody in the 2nd subject use?
chromatic notes, balanced pr]hasing
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how does subject 2 finish?
the violins, bassons and flutes play a descending staccato scale.
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what does sonata form consist of?


Exposition, development,recapitulation

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when was it written?


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Who was it written by?


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What happens it the exposition?


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