Symphony No.40

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Symphony No.40

Classical period 1740-1830

Mozart 1756-1791 Austria 

Composed 1788 never performed in Mozart's lifetime

Symphony Four movements, 1st sonata form

Twp subjects

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First subject

Violin 1  Gminor    Bar 1 


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Second subject

Viola (strings) + clarinet (woodwind)      Bar 44    B♭major (relative major)


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Melody + harmony

Balanced four or eight bar phrases question + answer style

Scalic phrases

Diatonic + functional harmony

Chromatic chords e.g diminished 7th

Circle of 5ths in second subject

Pedal notes in cellos

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Instrumentation + texture

Chamber orchestra

Strings busy almost all the time

Woodwind not as much as the strings

Horns held/repeated notes, sustain harmony


-octave doublings

-counterpoint + imitation

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G minor


-first subject G minor

-second subject B♭ major (relative major)


-moves through various keys


-first + second subject G minor

-coda G minor

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Structure, tempo + rhythm

Sonata form  G minor

Exposition (first subject - second subject)


Recapitulation (first subject - second subject - coda)

Repeateo short rhythmic ideas

Anacrusis starts first subject

Simple dotted rhythms, syncopation

Metre 4/4    Molto Allegro

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