GCSE Music Revision: Symphony No. 40 in G minor: Mozart

Who composed Symphony No. 40 and when were they born?
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Born 27th January 1756.
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When was Symphony No. 40 composed?
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How many movements does it have?
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What is a Symphony?
They normally have 4 movements and always have a full orchestra.
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Features of Classical Music?
Elegant melodies, clear cadences, uncomplicated texture, growing orchestra and the piano.
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Time Signature?
4/4 (Four crotchet beats in a bar).
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G minor (a key Mozart associated with sadness)
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Molto Allegro
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Begins 'p' buts contains lots of dynamic contrast such as the use of 'sfz' and accents.
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Violins play 1st Subject in octaves. Limited pitch range. 2nd Subject moves chromatically.
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Scale passage and rising sequences. 1st Subject (crotchet and quaver rhythm). 2nd Subject (slower, legato rhythm).
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1st Subject (G minor) 2nd Subject (B flat major in exposition but G minor in recap). A variety of keys are explored in the development section.
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Mainly 'Melody and Accompaniment' (Homophonic). Polyphonic in development.
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Musical Features?
Pedal notes used in development.
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Traditional Classical Orchestra: 1st and 2nd Violins, Violas, Cellos, Double Basses, 2 Flutes, Oboes, Clarinets, Bassoons and Horns.
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What Instruments aren't used?
Trumpets and Timpani.
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Form and Structure?
Sonata (A B A)
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Structure - Exposition.
1st Subject (G minor: tonic key). Then a bridge passage. 2nd Subject (B flat major: Dominant key). Then a Codetta.
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Structure - Development.
Based on the 1st Subject which is developed and fragmented. Moves through keys but starts in F sharp minor.
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Structure - Recapitulation.
1st Subject (G minor), 2nd Subject (G minor), Coda has repeated perfect cadences to finish the piece (G minor).
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When was Symphony No. 40 composed?



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How many movements does it have?


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What is a Symphony?


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