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1. What is positive punishment in operant conditioning?

  • Deter a response by presenting something negative
  • Deter a response by removing something positive
  • Encourage a response by removing something negative
  • Encourage a response by presenting something positive
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2. What is shaping in operant conditioning?

  • Discriminative stimuli influence behaviour e.g. sight of police car changes driving style.
  • Sequence of events which provide opportunities to reach final event.
  • Reinforcing successive approximations towards desired responses to teach new behaviours
  • Signal that a particular response will produce certain consequences

3. Which of these best describes operant conditioning?

  • Repeating a behaviour due to being rewarded for the behaviour
  • Repeating a behaviour because somebody told you to.
  • The consequences of a behaviour affect subsequent behaviour
  • Relationship between stimulus and behaviour

4. What is learning?

  • Not exercising and then starting to exercise
  • Enduring and adaptive change in capacity for behaviour
  • The ability for an organism to develop behaviours from a blank slate
  • A link between stimuli and environment

5. Which of these can classical conditioning NOT be applied to?

  • Training police and guide dogs
  • Acquiring and over-coming phobias
  • Explaining attraction and aversion
  • Explaining and treating sickness


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