Lecture 1-Foundation of Rome- Military and Politcal

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When did was the regal period and what was the political system?
753BC-509BC, -Kings
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When did was the Republic period and what was the political system?
509-31BC- Senate
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When was the Early Republic?
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When was the Middle Republic?
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When was the Late Republic?
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When was the Empire period and what was the political system?
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When did Octavian/ Augustus rule and what did this see?
31BC-14AD- End of Republic and beginning of Empire
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What was from 31BC-235AD?
Early Empire (principate) e.g. Tiberius, Nero, Hadrian
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What was from 235AD-284AD?
Third Century Crisis
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What was from 284AD-476AD?
Late Empire (Dominate) e.g. Constantine
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For the foundation of Rome, whcih was does this go back to and what happened in it?
-Trojan War, -Greeks invade Troy with the use of a wooden wall-
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Who was one of the men who escape and then led a group of Trojans to safety?
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While they suffer many hardships on their travels, what city do they find which becomes Rome?
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Who does Aeneas marry to become what?
Princess of a latin tribe to become one united community
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Does this create a peaceful co-existence?
There is a war but after some troubes they live with the Latins
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Who was his son and what city does he find?
Iulus, -He sets off and finds Alba Longa
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When is the traditional founding of Alba Longa by Iulus/ Ascanius?
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Who was King of Alba Longa in 796BC but who is he killed by?
Numitor, -Killed by Amilius, an usurper of the throne of Alba Longa
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When did Amulius rule?
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Who was Numitor's daughter?
Thea Silvia, a vestal virgin
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What did Amulius do to her?
He took the daughter to ensure she couldn't produce more heirs to the throne to threaten his rule
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However, according the ROme's history, what happens to Rhea Silvia when collecting water?
She is ***** by the War God Mars she she fell asleep on the river bank and becomes pregnant
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What are the names of her two sons?
Romulus and Remus
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What did Amulius do with the twins?
He left them down by the River Tybo in the hope thye will be swept away when the River bank overflows
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However, what happens to Romulus and Remus?
A she-wolf finds them and she raises them, and then a sheopherd finds them and looks after the,
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MAny years later, what kind of disputes do thye become involved in which leads to what?
Territorial disputes, -Remus is captured by Amulius who Romulus then kills and saves his brother
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Who then becomes King of Alba Londa?
They brign back their grandfather, Numitor, to rule as King
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What do the Twins decide to do?
Build their own setlements
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Where does Romolus want to build?
Palatine Hill
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Where does Remus want to buil?
Aventine Hill
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Who do thye look for for guidance??
They decide to see what the Gods say and look to the birds- Remus sees 6 vultures and claimed victory but Romolus saw 12 vultures
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What do they decide to do?
Build separate settlements
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WHilst Romulus is building his wall, what does Remus do?
He pulls bricks down, puts boulders in the way and proves them ineffective by jumping over the wall
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What happens when Remus makes fun of his walls?
Reomulus kills him by hitting him over the head with a spade,
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Romolus becomes sole ruler. When does he traditionally found ROme?
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Describe his city of ROme?
He creates it as an asylum and allows anyone to liver there- GIves them land and help for refugees and those with no where else to go
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However, what becomes a problem in Rome based on repopulation/
There are more men than women so more women are needed to repopulate the city
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Wha does Romolus decide to do?
He decies to invite a neighbouring tribe, the Sabines to honour a festival
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What happens during this festival?
They enjoyed the wine and food and during the party, the Sabine women are seized and men forced out- '**** of the Sabine Women'
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What does the King of the Sabines, what is his name?, decideto do?
-Tatius, -Decided to wage war with the Romans
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What happened?
Thye stopped when they saw the women were happy with the Romans
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What happens when the King decides to plor against the Romans?
He fails and ultimately becomes in charge of both villages
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How long did he rule for?
35 years from 753-717
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What happened to him?
He disappeared but other ssay assassinated
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After his death, who decided would be next King and how long did it take them to decide?
-The Senate, -1 year
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Who was chose to be King and when did he rule from and to?
King Numa Pompilius, 716-674BC, -42 years
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How was he during the beginning of his reign?
Humble, and wide legislator, religious and pious,
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Who was the third King of Rome and when did he rule from and to?
Tullus Hostilius, -673-642BC- 31 years
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How is he described?
War like
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What did he do to the army?
He reorganised it
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WHat two places did he invade/ destory?
He invaded neighboruign towns like Veii and destroyed Alba Longa
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What did he construct in the Forum
The first Senate House
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Who was the FOurth King and when did he rule from and to?
Ancus Marcius 641-617BC, -24 years
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Which King was he the son in law of?
2nd King Numa
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What did he have to do at the beginning of his reign to bring peace?
He had to defeat neighbouring Latin tribes which were then absorbed into Rme
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What did he build around ROme?
A ditch
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Who replaced him after he died and why?
He left a regent called Lucius Tarquinius Priscus in charge as his children were too young to rule
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When did the fifth King, Tarquin the First, rule from and to?
-616-578, -38 years
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What did he do with the children?
He was presented as shady- He decided to sennd the children away from the city
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At what crucial point did he send the children away and who did he bring into Rome?
It was at a vital point based on who should rule and he brought his supporters, Etruscans, to the senate so he could remain as ruler,
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After 38 years, what happened to him?
The sons returned and assassinated him
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Whatd did the Senate then decide?
They then decided to imprison the children instead of puting them on the throne
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Who was next to be King? When did he rule?
Servius Tullius, , -578-534BC- 44 years
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What was he Rome's first King to succeed by?
He was the first King to accede without election by the senate having gianed the throne by publi support
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Who was he married to? However, what was her problem?
Married to Tarquin Priscus' daughter but she believed Tarquin's son should have been King instead
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What type of rule was he?
He was a great reformer and administrator
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What did be build around the city?
He built a new wall around the expaded city- Now called the Servian walls
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Who did he have military success against?
The Etruscans, despite being one, and the Veii
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How was laws passed before the Servius reforms?
By the Comitia curiata or the Curiate assembly, made up for thirty Curiae
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What was their role as compared to the Senate?
The Senate were to advise the King, devise las in his name and represent the entire ROman people, but could only debate withou approval of the comitia curiata
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What did he decide about whi could participate in this assembly too?
he formed a comitia centuriata of commoners and led the citizens participate,
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How did Tullius die and why?
His daugher and son in law killed him- Both believed Tarquinius Priscus' son should be King
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Who was the last King of Rome? When did he rule?
Lucius Tarquinius Superbus (Tarquin "the Proud") -534-509, -25 years
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What was his rule like?
brutal and tyrannical
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What does the draining of the Roman forum suggest about the creation of?
A urban centre
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What did he besiege?
Many local states
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Who was his son?
Sextus Tarquinius
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What did Sextus do that led to the Tarquin's removal from rome?
He ***** a virtuous woman named Lucretia, who was the wife of Sextus' cousin.
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Did they try and regain power?
yes they tried a few times but the system was over-ruled
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Therefore in 509BC, what was decide?
End of the monarchy and beginning of the Republic- They decided to set up a system of consuls
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