Introduction to Sociology

Who was Comte ?
he was french, he wasn't a sociologist, 1850s, he was the first writer to use the phrase sociology, macro writer, sociology was born.
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Who was Durkhiem?
1890s, went to the same uni as Comte, first sociologist, did research in the field, founding father of functionalism.
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Who was Max Weber?
1900s, founding father of social action theory, micro sociologist
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Who was Marx?
1840s + 1850s, German, not a sociologist, political refugee, ended up in England wrote the communist manifesto.
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What is primary data?
Information generated by researcher
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What is secondary data?
Data that already exists
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What is quantitative data?
Data in the form of numbers
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What is qualitative data?
all data that's not numbers
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What is functionalism?
Its a type of structural theory, concerned with the structures in society, functionalists think structures in society function positively and look at why and how. it is a consensus theory
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What is the consensus theory?
Agreement of what's right and wrong, without consensus society would collapse eg. riots, provides harmony and let's us co-operate with others.
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What is value consensus in functionalism?
We need shared values, to be socialised into that cultures particular norms and values in order to survive.
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What is the organic analogy?
Comte thought you could understand how society works by comparing it with functioning of the human body.
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What is conflict theory (Marxism)?
all societies are always in a state of conflict between the rich and poor, modern society uses capitalism to keep the rich - rich and the poor - poor.
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What is capitalism?
Current economical system where a small minority of society own the factories, businesses, land and sources of info
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Historical dialect
Primitive communism- classes
Asiatic groups- tyrants and masses
Ancient society- slaves vs slavemasters
Feudal society- landlords vs serfs
Capitalist society- bourgeoisie vs proletariat
Socialist society- dictatorship of the proletariat vs former elit
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What is luxury automated communism?
concept that automated devices can do all the work while we live our lives in luxury.
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What is feminism?
its a structural theory and conflict theory, it means wanting equality for both genders, its a theory and social movement, society is based on a patriarchy that benefits men at the expense of women
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What is social action theory?
Micro-scale research, identities and actions based on the society around us
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what is primary socialisation?
families norms taught to children
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what is secondary socialisation?
learning wider societal norms
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What is post-modernism?
we are in post modernity, it doesn't belong to sociology, everything is fluid, everything goes, no rules, product of hybridisation which is the product of globalisation (becoming a global village), diversity
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how does modernism and post modernism differ?
eg: 1960s- life was predictable, things were well structured, women stayed at home and men worked. 21st century- tradition is broken, men can stay at home and women can work.
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Who was Durkhiem?


1890s, went to the same uni as Comte, first sociologist, did research in the field, founding father of functionalism.

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Who was Max Weber?


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Who was Marx?


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