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Content warning: these notes contain discussion of serious issues such as rape and sexual
violence, including description of one particular incident and it's aftermath to illustrate
feminist theory



Feminism, which has largely grown out of Enlightenment theories such as freedom and
equality have driven much of sociological research…

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particular the vulnerability women find themselves in before, during and immediately after
childbirth, whereas others such as Mary Daly believe that it is men's inherent aggression and
violent tendencies that lead to them assuming dominance over women and Susan
Brownmiller takes this a step further by arguing that there is…

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characteristics of manhood such as being competitive and domineering can be replaced or
augmented by them being mixed with more traditionally feminine traits and that ultimately this
will lead to the eradication of gender roles and gender equality will result. Radical cultural
feminists on the other hand can be more…

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apparent ideological victory by capitalism. While there have been some radical feminists
who have tried to reconcile aspects of Marxist and socialist feminism into their thought there
are now very few people who explicitly define themselves as Marxist feminists. Some have
argued that it is merely an offshoot of classical…

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For liberal feminists it is rigid socialisation that leads to the inequalities that exist between
genders in society which is then propped up by legal discrimination, as well as our culture as
a whole. Liberal feminists believe that the primary means for achieving gender equality are
acts of legislation such…

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feminists have been known to call for greater gender equality in research samples there has
been little effort for existing theories to be reformulated to take account of the experiences of
women when they originally have not.

Black and postcolonial feminism

Black feminism, a branch that has been more influential…

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Truth's speech highlighted for some the differences that existed between white and black
women. The majority of women's rights activists in the 19th century were white middle class
women who little experience of manual work and if they did have full time jobs these were
usually as governesses, tutors or…

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women in the AIDs epidemic that stemmed from precolonial and colonial views of women's
supposed inferiority (3) the links between the development of capitalism in former colonies
and the exploitation of women in the labour market (for example women being used as a
form of cheap labour so as to…

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and dominant psychology ­ it is as Kate Millet once called it `patriarchy's chief institution'.
The pleasure that some men gain from dominating women gradually developed into a greater
desire to have control over other men which gave rise to a system of economic classes and
led to the development…

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as closer to nature because they are involved in more emotional aspects of society like
childcare and therefore come to be seen as less rational than cultured men.

Some have criticised Ortner by arguing that she misinterprets the relationship between
culture and nature and that instead of being seen as…


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