Input, Output and Process

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What is an Input?
It is the things that are needed at the start of the process
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What comes after Input?
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What is the system?
It a collection of parts that work together do a function
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What is a Process?
It is the change that occurs to the input that then creates the output
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Why is a flowchart used?
To show the stages of a process in the right order
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What is the use of Feedback loops?
It lets you change the input as a result of a quality check
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Another example of a system is:
Computer printing
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What are Quality checks?
It is the checking of components
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What is Quality Assurance?
It is the checking of all the things that are required in the processes of making the output
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Quality Assurance involves
Good staff training, the checking of the quality of materials
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Quality assurance helps the product in:
Meeting the standards
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Quality Assurance includes
Quality Control
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Quality assurance assures
There will be no mistakes
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Quality Control is important becuase
It checks if the product meets the specification
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The sequence of a system is like
Input --> Process --> Output
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What comes after Input?



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