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· Reasons for:-
· To contain/Protect.(so the consumer gets the
product home in perfect condition)
· To promote (needs to be eyecatching to
attract consumer with brandnames
· To preserve (keep fresh and edible,barrier
against air / Air tight seal)
· To give information (It's a legal requirement to
tell consumers what the product is and what it
contains, so printed on packaging eg weight,
ingredients, dates, usage etc…read more

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Packaging Materials
Properties ( what they do well or not)
· Flexibility
· Finish (what is the surface like? Is it good to
print onto?
· Rigidity (stiffness)
· Strength
· Quality
· Weight
· Cost…read more

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Packaging Materials
· Glass
· Board (cardboard)
· Plastic
· Metal (aluminium)
· Paper…read more

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· Cardboard ­ low strength to weight ratio
excellent printing surface recyclable
· Corrugated - protective
· Duplex - pure wood pulp
good for high speed automatically
packed cartons
· Solid White Board pure bleached wood
very strong
excellent printing surface
· Foil-lined - provides a barrier against liquids…read more

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· Used mainly for liquids
· Low cost
· Contents are visible
· Can be coloured
· Can be heated and moulded in unusual and distinctive shapes.
· Heavy
· Breaks easily
· Expensive tooling to set up for manufacturing
· Can be a problem to dispose of
· Can be reused or recycled…read more

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· Food and drinks cans
· Aerosol cans
· Can be printed on flat or in the round
· Printing onto metal is expensive…read more

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