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  • ICT
    • Hardware
      • Everything that is solid + you can physically interact with the object
        • Hard drives/ printers etc
    • Software
      • The computer programs
        • Spreadsheet software- Excel
        • Painting software-Blender, Photoshop
        • Presentation software- PowerPoint, google slides
        • More productive/ faster to design and conceptualise ideas
      • Able to automate long/ boring processes
    • Input devices
      • Equipment used to get data into a computer
        • Scanner, Graphics tablet,  Keyboard etc
        • Able to manipulate data using software
        • Quick and convenient way of transferring data
          • Can use data in other softwares
    • Output devices
      • In order to produce a hard copy of data from a computer
        • Printers, 3D printers etc


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