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Name 2 pop up mechanisms.
V fold and incised
What does gsm stand for?
Grams per square meter
What thickness is ordinary photocopy paper?
At what thickness does paper become classed as board?
What is a sequential drawing?
A series of drawings that show you how to assemble or make
something…read more

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Name 3 different ways to produce 3-D styles of drawing
Perspective, isometric, crating.
What is crating?
Drawing basic 3-D box shapes within which more complicated drawings can be
Name the basic sizes of paper.
A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6.
Why is it good to have greeting cards and invitations at standard card sizes?
Because they can fit on sheets of card without any waste.
What is the advantage of using spraymount to stick drawings down?
Easy, quick, doesn't wet the paper too much, can be repositioned.…read more

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What is typography?
The art of designing and making lettering.
What does the word adhesive mean?
It's another word for glue
Name 3 pieces of equipment needed to make pop up
Pencil, ruler, scissors, craft knife
Name 3 scales of production.
One off, batch, mass, continuous
Name 3 printing methods
Lithography, Screen printing, Gravure, Flexography…read more

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What printing method would be used for printing greeting cards and
Lithography, sometimes called Offset Lithography
Why would Lithography be used for printing cards and invitations?
Because it is widely used, economical for medium to large print runs and
produce good quality prints.
How would pop up cards be cut out?
Using a die cutter.
What does quality control mean?
Ensuring that each product made is of the same high quality.
Name 3 quality controls that are used in printing.
Colour, registration, crop marks.…read more

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What is quality assurance?
Ensuring that the product does what it is supposed to do.
Name 3 print finishes.
Varnishing, foil blocking, embossing, die cutting.
Explain foil blocking.
Stamping pre glued metallic foil onto the printed surface by using heat and
Why would foil blocking be used?
To make cards and invitations look expensive.
What are the 4 colours used in printing?
Black, cyan, magenta and cyan.…read more

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The colours used in printing are sometimes called something else.
What is it?
Process colours
What does CAM stand for?
Computer Aided Manufacturing.
What does CAD stand for?
Computer Aided Designing.
Name 3 input devices to a computer
Keyboard, digital camera, scanner
Name 3 outputs from a computer
Vinyl cutter machine (Stika), laser cutter, inkjet printer, laser printer.…read more

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