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1. what does a home nurse do?

  • using aseptic techniques, constant observation/care
  • manage treatment, providing nutrition, maintaining hygiene
  • using equipment, team work, record keeping
  • ability to act fast in emergencies
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2. how is Hep B spread?

  • bodily fluids
  • droplets of infected moisture
  • contaminated water/food
  • like a cold/flu

3. what is an advntage of x rays?

  • painless
  • 3D image
  • coloured image
  • moving image

4. what is the source of ultrasound scans?

  • ultra high frequency sound waves
  • gamma rays
  • radio waves
  • x rays

5. What condition can a visual examination reveal?

  • kidney failure
  • asthma
  • Arthritis - swelling/distortion to joints
  • tonsilitis


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