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1. what is active immunity?

  • keeping active to stay immune from diseases
  • when a population is vaccinated in a vaccination programme
  • when the immune system is triggered by a dead or weakened pathogen to produce its own antibodies
  • when the baby is protected by the mother's antibodies
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2. which of the following is a symptom of diptheria?

  • spotty rash
  • foul smelling/blood stained mucus
  • intense bouts of coughing
  • muscle spasms

3. what does a reflex test detect?

  • damage to nerve pathways
  • movements in the eye
  • cancers

4. what is one way drugs can be used?

  • to examine bones
  • to take a temperature
  • to reduce pain
  • to diagnose diseases

5. what is the medical term for short sightedness?

  • intraocular pressure
  • myopia
  • hyperopia
  • ishihara


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