How the Nazis put Germany back to work

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Germany relied on American money under the...
Dawes plan to be able to pay reparations
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After WSC, USA, stopped lending money to Germany, leaving them in...
a recession
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By January 1933, unemployment had rreached...
6 million
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Hitler was elected with his promise of giving people...
'Bread and Jobs'
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Unemployment dropped from 6 mill in 1933 to...
300,000 by 1939
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The RAD was introduced...
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It gave men jobs in...
public work schemes
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They had uniforms and lived...
in camps
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They were given free...
meals and pocket money
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They built drainage ditches, schools...
a new network of motorways and planted new forests
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Autarky (National self suffiency) - Hitler wanted a strong, independdent country which...
was self-sufficient in food and materials (as it was ne of the reaons why they lost the war)
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German scientists developed artificial substitues like...
petrol from coal and coffe rom acorns
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They were made in Germany and gave...
the unemployed jobs in new industries
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The Car Industry - Designed by Porche and was named...
'The Peoples Car'
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It created jobs in other industries because of the...
standardised parts (steel, gas, rubber + leather)
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Car production could easily be switched to...
the production of military vehicles
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By 1934, all Jews were fired from...
civil service jobs and were gien to German workers
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Unemployed Jews were...
not registered
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Women lost their jobs which...
were given to men
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People who refused offers by the Labour Service were...
arrested and put into concentration camps
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a recession


After WSC, USA, stopped lending money to Germany, leaving them in...

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6 million


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'Bread and Jobs'


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300,000 by 1939


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