GCSE History OCR Germany past paper questions and answers

these are past paper questions for Germany, they are 8 mark ones.

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Germany 8 mark questions
`In the years 19341945 there was almost no opposition to the Nazi regime inside
Germany' How far do you agree with this statement?
I agree with this. The SS and the Gestapo made sure there was no opposition. If it was there
they killed it off before it could get going. The SS was made up of the elite of the Nazi Party.
It was led by Himmler. They intimidated people into supporting the Nazis. They could arrest
anyone without a trial and they ran concentration camps where they put anyone they
suspected. Everyone was terrified of them. The Gestapo were the secret police. They spied
on everyone and lots of informers. If anyone suggested they were unhappy with Hitler the
Gestapo would arrest them. So these two organizations stamped out any opposition.
However, even though there was the SS and the Gestapo, there were still some complications
because not everyone followed the Nazi regime. For example, the churchmen would not join
the Nazi Party because they went against their beliefs. There was also opposition from youth
groups, where they were fed up of the Nazi policies and wanted to be freer, for example listen
to jazz music.
Overall, I agree with this statement because the Nazis were in power, and no one had the
power and guts to confront them because if they did then they would be killed.
`The German people did not benefit from the Nazi rule.' How far do you agree with
this statement?
I think they were better off. Before the Nazis there was massive unemployment and Hitler
created lots of jobs. He did this by building autobahns and other types of public works and by
manufacturing lots of armaments. The fact that they had a job meant that people could have a
higher standard of living and the wages generally went up, so food was provided for families.
However, not everyone in Germany was satisfied. Hitler wanted a pure race and those who
were Jews and other minorities were not treated the same as those who were `pure'
Germans. They were put into concentration camps and they were discriminated against
because they were nonaryan.
Overall, I do think the Germans benefited because there was mass employment, wages went
up, the farmers did well, and small shops and firms were protected.
`Stresemann did not really solve the problems of the Weimar Republic, he only
appeared to do so' How far do you agree with this statement?
I think I agree with this because although it looked as if Germany was recovering
economically, Germany still depended on American loans and could not exist without them.
This is shown by what happened after the Wall Street Crash. America recalled its loans and
Germany was back into trouble. This shows how shallow the economic recovery was. It did
not take much to topple the Weimar Republic.
Also, he did not solve the problem of unemployment because the rates still stayed high, and
the Weimar republic was still blamed for the Treaty, therefore not many of the parties got
votes and governments did not last long.

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However, Stresemann did restore the stability of the currency so there was an economic
recovery to some extent and the inflation was solved.
Overall, I think that Stresemann did not solve all the problems and the major problems like
unemployment were unsolved which meant that poverty and starvation still occurred for
families who did not have an income.
`Between 19331945 Hitler was in total control of Germany.…read more

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However, there was some success through the education system. The Nazis indoctrinated
the girls about their role in Nazi Germany. The girls were taught on how to find the right
partner who was pure race and they were told that they had to produce Aryan children, and
bring them up to look up to the Nazis.
Overall, I think that it was not very successful because there were so many young people
against the Nazi regime and who rebelled against it.…read more


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