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Why did Hitler become
Chancellor in 1933?…read more

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Aims & Objectives
Why did the Nazis win more votes
after the Wall Street Crash?
Why did the army and businessmen
support the Nazi Party?
Why did Hindenburg change his
mind and make Hitler Chancellor?…read more

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Government Reaction to the
Faced with massive unemployment the
Weimar Republic had three options.
Print more money and risk hyperinflation.
Raise taxes to pay for unemployment
Save money and cut unemployment
The government couldn't agree what to do
and the SDP resigned from the government.
The Chancellor Bruning resigned as different
political parties fought for control of the
Reichstag.…read more

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How did the German People view the
arguments amongst their politicians?
Communist & No Action is Politicians
Nazis taken to help argue
promise to take the who should run
action unemployed! Germany
Many Votes for the
Votes for the Germans Nazis &
Nazis & lose their Communist
Communist faith increase.
increase. in
Von Papen Papen is No Action is
becomes replaced taken to
Chancellor by Schleicher help the
in 1932 later that year unemployed…read more

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Hitler's Appeal: Nazi Propaganda
Nazi Propaganda
portrayed Hitler as
Germany's saviour.
If elected he would
bring order to Germany
and create jobs.
Nazi propaganda
promised Germans that
if Hitler was elected he
would give them `Jobs
& Bread'…read more

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Hitler's Appeal: Nazi Rallies
The Nazis held mass
rallies which were
staged managed so
that thousands could
hear Hitler's speeches.
Military music and
flags were used to to
give the impression
that the Nazis
represented order.
Hitler promised over
and over again that he
would give Germany
strong leadership.…read more

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Miss E


Very good powerpoint detailing why Hitler came to power in 1933. This is a popular exam question and remember you need a mixture of Nazi strengths and Weimar weaknesses to answer it properly.

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