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Nazi Germany
Putting Germany back to

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The Situation in 1929
Germany relied on American money under
the Dawes Plan to be able to pay for the
When the American Stock Market crash on
Wall Street, the USA stopped lending
money to Germany.
The German economy went into recession.

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Germany 1933
By January 1933,
unemployment had reached
No one would loan Germany
the Weimar Government
couldn't do anything to help
the unemployed.
Hitler was elected on a
promise to give the German
people `Bread & Jobs.'

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Impact of Hitler's Policies on








1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Series1 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939
Series2 6,014,000 3,773,000 2,974,000 2,520,000 1,853,000 1,052,000 302,000

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How did Hitler put Germany back to work?

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RAD ­ The National Labour Service
Gave men jobs in public
work schemes
Men in RAD had to wear a
uniform & live in camps.
They were given free meals
and pocket money.
Built: drainage ditches,
schools, a new network of
motorways and planted new

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To improve the Kick start the
living conditions of Cycle of
the German people Prosperity

What was the aim
of Hitler's Public
Works Programme?

To build impressive To improve the public
buildings so that the transport network for
German people industrial & military use
would feel proud

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Autarky ­ National Self Sufficiency
Hitler wanted to Germany a strong independent
country that was sufficient in food and materials.

Germany had lost the FWW because it had run out of
food and war materials.

German scientist developed all sorts of artificial
substitutes such as petrol from coal and coffee…

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The Car Industry

Designed by Porsche and nicked named `The Peoples
Car', known today as the ......?

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The Car Industry

Recognise the design of this German Jeep called a Kubelwagen?


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