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Germany 8 mark questions

`In the years 19341945 there was almost no opposition to the Nazi regime inside
Germany' How far do you agree with this statement?

I agree with this. The SS and the Gestapo made sure there was no opposition. If it was there
they killed it off…

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However, Stresemann did restore the stability of the currency so there was an economic
recovery to some extent and the inflation was solved.

Overall, I think that Stresemann did not solve all the problems and the major problems like
unemployment were unsolved which meant that poverty and starvation still occurred…

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However, there was some success through the education system. The Nazis indoctrinated
the girls about their role in Nazi Germany. The girls were taught on how to find the right
partner who was pure race and they were told that they had to produce Aryan children, and
bring them up…


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