Weimar Republic

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The Early Career of Adolf Hitler:
1889- Born in Austria
1907- Lived in Vienna and tried to earn a living as an artist. During this period he picked up ideas such as hatred of Jews.
1914- Hitler joined the German army in Munich, winning medals for bravery.
1918- Hitler was badly gassed and was in hospital when the Armistice was signed. He blamed defeat on the communists and Jews stabbing Germany in the back.
1919- Hitler, still in the German army, joined a small extreme nationalist group called the DAP, which was founded by Anton Drexler.
1920- Hitler helped to draft the party's programme. The party was renamed the National Socialist German Worker's Party (Nazi for short).
1921- Hitler became the leader of the Nazi party. He founded the SA to intimidate opposition groups. Their leader was Ernst Rohm.

Mein Kampf:
.While in prison Hitler dictated his autobiography Mein Kampf (My struggle).
.He set out his main political ideas as well as a very selective account of his life so far.

Decline in Nazi support during the Stresemann years:
.Nationally, the Nazis had lost…


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