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What is table service?
Used for a more personal service.
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What happens at -18.
This is the freezer temperature. Where bacteria are doormant.
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What temperature should a fridge be?
1-5 degrees celcius.
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What do the temperatures of 5-63 degrees show and what happens in this area?
This is the danger zone. Where bacteria multiply rapidly.
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What is the temperature for hot holding food?
63 degrees plus.
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What is the minimum core temperature of reheated food?
72 degrees.W
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What is the core temperature of cooked food.
75 degrees.
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What temperature is water boiled and most germs killed?
100 degrees.
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What is the temperature of hot oil in a deep fat fryer?
170-190 degrees celcius.
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What is the accident procedure for cuts?
Wash, dry and apply a blue, waterproof plaster. If bleeding does not stop apply pressure.
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What is the accident procedure for burns and scalds?
Run under cold water for at least 10 minutes or until the stinging sensation stops. Do not apply creams. Do not pop blisters. If burn is larger than a 10p peice seek medical help.
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What is the accident procedure for fat burns?
Seek medical help immediately.
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What is the accident procedure for falls?
Allow patient to move to a sitting, then standing position slowly. If patient feels faint put their head between their knees and check for other injuries.
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Name two food poisining bacteria?
Could be two of the following: Campylobacter, Salmonella, E. Coli, Clostridium, Perfingens, Listeria, Bacillus Cereus and Staphylococcus.
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Give 3 symptoms of food poisoning?
Nausea, diarrhoea, stomach ache, fever.
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Why do chefs wear a hat?
They wear a hat to prevent hair falling into dish,
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Give three personal hygiene rules?
Wearing of clean whites, Wearing of hat, short clean nails, frequent hand washing, covering cuts with blue waterproof plaster ETC
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Give three food hygiene rules?
Wash fruit and veg before use, keep raw and cooked veg apart, staw raw food below cooked food, keep food ot of the danger zone, use colour coded chopping boards.
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Give 3 kitchen hygiene rules?
Ensure fridges and freezers are at correct temperatures, Use food in rotation (FIFO) clean as you go, mop up spills immediately, have good cleaning schedules ETC.
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Name 3 thing envireoment health officers can do?
Close dirty premises immediately, can impose fines of 20000 or 6 months imprisonment, can take leagal action for man slaughter.
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What is the main aim of HASAWA? What does it stand for?
To prevent accidents. It stands for 'Health And Safety At Work Act'
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What do the letter HACCP stand for?
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points.
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What is a risk assessment?
A summary of what could cause harm to people in your work place.
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What does personal hygiene include?
Correct uniform, correct footwear, correct headwear, good personal habbits, cleanliness and good health.
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What do hygiene practices include?
Food and equipment stored correctly, good cleaning schedules, waste disposed of correctly, no animals or pest in food areas.
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In terms of hygiene, what should food premesis always have?
Clean and well maintained, hot and cold water available, good toilet facilities and lockers for staff, first aid, fire prevention, equipment in good order, adequate storage facilities, good lighting and ventilation.
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What are the cookery skills used for cake making?
Rubbing in method, creaming method, whisking method, melting method and th one stage or the all-in-one method.
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A batch of scones turn out like buiscuits. What could have gone wrong?
Not enough self-raising agent, dough may have been overhandled, oven may have been to cool.
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Give 3 rulesto follow when making short crust pastry?
Keep everything as cool as possible, use fat straight from fridge, rub in with fingertips as they arethe coolest part of the hands.
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Give 3 reasons why convenience food are popular with caterers?
Save time, consistent standard, seasonal foods are available all year, last longer, produce less waste.
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What are the main methods of cooking in water?
Boiling, simmering, poaching, steaming, pressure cooking, stewing and blanching.
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What are the main methods of cooking in fat?
Dry frying, shallow frying, stir frying, deep fat frying, braising, flambeing, fondue cooking.
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What are the main methods of cooking in an oven?
Baking, roasting, casseroling, grilling and microwaving.
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Give 4 safety rules tofollow when deep-fat frying?
Use good-quality oil, never fill deep-fat fryer above load line, dry foods thoroghly before frying, allow fat to recover heat before adding more, have frying basket, spider and lid to hand for safety purposes.
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Suggest 3 cuts of beef suitable for grilling?
Minute steak, sirloin steak, rump steak, t-bone steak, fillet steak.
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What is meant by the term coulis?
A sauce made of fruit of veg puree.
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What is meant by the term en croute?
In a pastry case.
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What is meant by the term reduce?
To concentrate a mixture by boiling or simmering.
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Explain the importance of colour when presenting food?
Colour is important because 'we eat with our eyes' . If food looks good we want to eat it. If the food lacks colour it can be added with careful decoration or garnish, e.g parsley and tomato on a dish of lasagne or cottage pie.
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Name two nutrients found in cheese?
Protein, Fat, Calcium and Vitimins A and D.
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Explain why the body needs fibre?
To keep the digestive system in good working order. A lack of fibre can lead to constipation.
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What do VA do and what do they incude?
They help the visula purple. Include carrots and tomatoes.
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What do VB do and what do they include?
This help with the nevous system. These include cereals meat and fish.
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What do VC do and what do they include?
Helps the immune system. These include citrus fruit, kiwi fruit.
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What do VD do and what do they include?
Great for bones and teeth. Theese include Cheese, butter and margarine.What
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What are the 4 W's that need to be be considerd when menu planning?
Who(who is the menu for), What(type of food is going to be eaten), Where( is it going to be eaten), When (is it going to be eaten).
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A chicken dish costs £2.40 per portion to make. Calculate the selling price using the formulae.
£2.40 x 100 = 240 / 40 = £6.00
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Suggest ways of achieving good portion control?
Using cutting lines, careful garnish or decoration, using individual dishes, using standard size equipment, using specific weights of foods and using standard recipies.
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Give the advantages of good portion control?
Customer satisfaction, prevention of waste, making orders easier, making costing easier, makes profit.
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Name the essential knives in a kitchen and there uses?
Cooks knife, used for chopping, cutting and slicing small items of food. Veg knife, chopping, slicing and cutting small foods. Peeler, peeling fruit and veg. Pallette knife, lifting, scraping, turning and spreading.
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Five 4 safety rules a chef should follow when using a knife.
Use a knife of appropiate size for food choppig ETC, carry point down by the side of your body, pass by the handle only, keep handle dry and clean, keep knives sharp.
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Why is it important for a storekeeper to keep accurate records?
To have supplie at the right time, in correct quantities, prevent waste, reduces the risk of theft, ensure stock is in good condition, food is used in correct rotation (FIFO)
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Name 3 types of communication within a catering industry?
Telephone, Email, Internet, Letter, text.
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Explain why catering establishments may have an envireomental policy?
To keep within the law, control costs, coserve raw material and energy, customers may favour establishments with envireomental policies.
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What are the main energy-saving tips you would recommend a restaurant?
Ensuring temperature is set at a reasonable level for both staff and customers, use dispensers for salt and pepper, sauces to avoid waste.
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Explain the terms biodegradeable and recyclable?
Biodegradeable means it will decompose, break down, compost or degrade by natural means. Recycable means it can be re-processed to be used again, made into something else.
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Give 5 qualities needed by a receptionist in a 5 star hotel?
polite and efficient manner, the abilitiy to make guest feel welcome and imprtant, ability to solve probems, multitask, delegate tasks effieciently, high standard of literacy or numeracy, calme reassuring manner.
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Explain the role of a night porter?
responsible for checking guests in and out of the hotel at night, dealing with any quries problems or complaints.
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State to occasions when casual staff may be employed by a hotel?
Busy times of the year, e.g Christmas, New year, Easter, Bank holidays, special functions e.g weddings, dinner dances ETC.
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