Hospitality and Catering Notes

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  • Hospitality and Catering
    • Catering
      • To provide people with food and drink
      • Many different job roles in this industry
        • Head Chef: Over sees all of the management of the kitchen
        • Sous chef: Second in charge of the kitchen and there to help the head chef
        • Waiter: Provides the service of the food and the drinks to the customers
        • Section Chefs: in charge of one section of the kitchen
      • Know the different temperatures
        • Danger zone of bacteria 5-65 degrees
        • Fridge Temperature: 2 - 5 degrees
        • Hot holding temperature: 63 degrees and above
        • Core Temperature of any food: 75 degrees and above
      • Lots of different types of catering such as schools
    • Hospitality
      • A friendly reception for guests or strangers
      • Lot of different types of hospitality such as hotels or restaurants
      • Different job roles
        • Manager: in charge of everything that happens in the establishment
        • Receptionist: someone who takes all of your details and books you in
        • Conference Manager: makes sure that the conference room is set up ready for the meeting and all standards are met
        • Porter: takes all of your luggage to the room you will be staying in
      • Keywords
        • Turnover: the total amount of money going through an establishment
        • Establishment: the place that sells the goods
        • Care home: normally means elderly
        • Admin: this is the paperwork that is involved in the industry.


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