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A presentation I made for my revision. Contains everything you need to know about tourism, including all of the Case Studies. It is for the GCSE AQA A specification and covers the growth of tourism, tourism in the UK, mass tourism, tourism in extreme environments and eco-tourism.

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Geography Paper 2 ­ Sacha Russell…read more

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Reasons for the global increase in
1. Social and economic factors
- People have become wealthier
- Incomes are larger and so is disposable income
- Most families have two working parents whereas in the past it was just one
- People have fewer children; it is less expensive to take a small family on holiday than a large
- Car ownership has grown rapidly
- People have more leisure time
- Life expectancy has risen so more people are retired and have more time to travel
- Oil price rise results in more domestic holidays
2. Improvements in technology
- Motorways, airport expansion and faster jet aircraft
- Flying has become cheaper
- Booking online is quick and easy
- Quicker travel times
3. Expansion of holiday choice
- 1970's increase of cheap package holidays
- City breaks ­ tourism that explores the culture
- Rise of the seaside resort
- Skiing in the Alps
- Expansion of package holidays to wider destinations
- Introduction to ecotourism ­ tourism that protects the environment
- Increased range of flights available
- Exploration of beautiful coastline in the Caribbean…read more

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The potential of cities, mountains and
coastal areas for the development of
· Cities
- Enjoy the culture associated with museums, art galleries,
architecture, shops and restaurants
· Mountains
- Skiing and hiking are a huge `pull' for tourists.
· Coastal areas
- As part of the natural landscape this is also a huge `pull' for tourists
- Sunbathing is also an attraction
Italy is an example of a country with all of these features. The Italian
Alps offers walking, sightseeing and skiing. The city of Venice would
be ideal for people seeking culture.
Vernazza would be ideal for people who want a relaxing, sunbathing
holiday by the coast.…read more

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The economic importance of tourism to
countries in contrasting parts of the
Essential jobs are created in all countries from
tourism, but the contribution of this industry
makes to its GDP varies greatly between
wealthier and poorer countries. Rich countries
have a broadly balanced economy, of which
tourism is one part. On the other hand, in less
well-off countries tourism can be essential. In the
Caribbean, for example, several small island
countries rely heavily on tourism to provide
national income and employment. Around 80%
of Barbados's national income comes from this
business.…read more

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Contribution of tourism to the UK
The UK economy earns over £80 billion
every year from tourism and leisure,
Restaurants and hotels make up a large
proportion of these earnings. Tourism also
creates more jobs and income.…read more

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Impact of external factors on visitor
numbers to the UK.
1. Terrorism
- World Trade Centre in New York on 11th September 2001
- London Underground bombing of 7th July 2005
- In the aftermath of such events, visitor numbers decline sharply
2. Exchange rates
- Currency exchange rates control value for money for tourists on
- Exchange rates make the UK an attractive destination for visitors
from abroad
3. Banking crisis
- The banking crisis of autumn 2008 may mean people have less
money to spend. People may reduce the number of holidays they
take or even manage without one…read more

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Sakshi Karanjkar


this has information that is not included in the geography specification now from aqa! not very useful for and aqa candidate 

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