Free Will

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How do people make moral decisons? (Give 4)
1. Based upon an ethcal theory 2. Religious influence 3. Situation 4. Social norms
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Define Freedom
The power or right to speak, act, or think as one wants
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Define Free Will
The power of acting without the constraint or neccessity of fate; the ability to act at ones own discretion
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What do hard determinists think?
Maintain that all human actions are effects caused by prior influences
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What do Libitarians think?
maintain that we are free to act, thus making us morally responsible for our actions
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What do soft determinists think?
maintain that some human actions are determined, but we still have moral responsibility
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What did Kant believe about humans and rational choices?
Humans are free to make rational choices. without freedom, the possibility of making moral choices is denied. The ability to rationalise sets us apart from animals
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What restricts our freedom? (Give 4)
1. Laws 2. Religion 3. Physical ability 4. Personal (ambitions, mental illness, fear etc.)
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What three things curtail our freedom? (According to text book)
Genetics and Environment, Self restrain and willpower, Society
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How do genetics curtail our freedom?
We are at an early stage of understanding how genetic predispositions afffect our behaviour. But psyc. experiments have shown a low seratonin turnover links with high aggression
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How does the environment curtail our freedom?
The way in which we are brought up can impact upon how free we are to behave incertain ways. Our culture or family type could influence how we see and react to the world around us.
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How does self-restraint & willpower curtail our freedom?
Many people are tempted to do things that are seen as immoral, most manage to resist temptation. self restraint may be down to genetics but also impacted by religious/ethical beliefs.
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How does society curtail our freedom?
Individuals who become part of a group can give up their freedoms and rights in the interest of social order.
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Give an example of a mono-cultural social construct
National Socialism in 1930's Germany expressed an idea of humans on racial grounds & sought to create a racially 'pure' state
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What does a more cosmopolitan social contract allow for?
Diversity, and only restricts individual freedom to a minimum, whilst adhering to common values
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What did Mel Thompson believe restrics our freedom (5 things)?
Physical ability, Legal & Social, Personal & Psychological, Religion, Political
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Mel Thompson - Give examples of physical limitations
Physique, age, alcohol consumption, drugs
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Mel Thompson- Give examples of Legal/Social limitations
Law, police, culture, upbringing, social norms
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Mel Thompson - Give examples of Personal/ Psychological limitations
Mental Illness, Trauma, Past experience, Fear
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Mel Thompson - Give examples of religious limitations
Rules, Directed by God, Belief, Teachings, Practices
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Mel Thompson - Give examples of political limitations
regime, authority, confict
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What is internal freedom?
Refers to the fact we can act in any way we choose, we can IMAGINE different courses of action thus may experience a moral dilemma because we know that there are different choices.
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What is external freedom?
freedoms offered by society e.g freedom opf speech, religious beliefs, equal oppertunities, education. In theory we live in a 'free society' but there are always restrictions on external freedoms
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Define Responsible (Definition 1)
Being the person who did something or is to blame. You are concious of the act that you carried out and know how it could have been done differently
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Define Responsible (Definition 2)
Being Morally responsible or acting in a morally responsible way. You accept you have free will, accept rational norms and have used reasoning to work out how to behave
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