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Free Will and Determinism

Soft determinism: You are free but you are also conrolled in many aspects; your freedom to act is limited. Actions acre controlled to some extent but are still acountable.

Libertarianism: Human beings are able to excersise total free will.

Hard determinism: Humans are controlled by external forces.

Calvin: Predestination. God is in control of all human life. Some are born for salvation and some for damnation; what they do in life is irrelevant.

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Reid: common-sense philosophy. Humans may be limited by nature but this does not affect free will. Free will is subject-based, which means you are free to make a choice andfollow that choice through.

(Smith: Capitalism. There is an invisible hand that regulates the market place, which some thinkers have interpreted as God.)

Hayek: Huamn beings should be set free from social conditioning. People need to be set free from state control.

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