free will defence

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  • Free Will Defence
    • Evil is a result of free will
      • God could not eliminate evil without eliminating free will
    • God allows smaller evils which are linked to greater goods
      • He needs the evil to achieve the good
    • libertarian free will is a morally significant free will
      • actions can be evaluated from a moral perspective (e.g. praise/blame)
    • in a world where people always do good, no praise can be given to them
    • there are worlds God cannot create
      • He cannot do the logically impossible
      • impossible for humans to be free and determined
      • improbable for there to be a world with no evil even though people have free will
    • free will makes love and goodness
      • helps achieves the happiness of unity with God i.e. love relationship
    • natural evil
      • logically possible that fallen angels disturbed the natural order
      • logically possible that it is a punishment for Adam and Eve
        • all evil stems from moral sin
    • purpose
      • genuity of the love relationship
      • preserve liberty of indifference and religious ambiguity
        • not controlled robots


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