Free will curtailed by volition

Free will.

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Thomas Hobbes

*Free will means that a person can make a decision, but also act differently if they so wished to. 

*If somebody is constrained and then performs an action because of this, then they do infact have no free will. 

*For example, in cases of ****.

*The victim has no free will, as they are being forced into having sex.

*Our free will is also curtailed by our environment, knowledge and values.

*We aren't just curtailed by external influences, there are also internal influences such as past thoughts and memories.

*We are also curtailed by possibility. 

*Just because we want to fly, doesn't mean we can. The laws of nature deny this to us. 

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Jean Paul Sartre

*The idea of Free Will is central to us as humans.

*Free will is not the elimination of all influencing factors, but our ability to be autonomous and make decisions freely through reason. 

*It is our ability to make decisions consciously knowing the consequences. 

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