Free Will and Determinism Key Terms

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  • Free Will and Determinism Key Terms
    • Autonomous Moral Agent
      • Someone who can make a moral decision freely and is totally responsible for their actions
    • Compatibilism
      • Belief that it is possible to be free and determined - some aspects of our nature are determined, but our ability to make moral decisions is not
    • Determinism
      • Hard Determinism
        • People have no free will, all moral choices have prior causes. Nobody can be held morally responsible
      • Soft Determinism
        • Determinism is true in many aspects, but we are still morally responsible for our decisions
      • Every event has a cause and so we have no free will for moral decisions
    • Incompatibilism
      • Determinism is logically incompatible with free will - determinism is a fact so we are not free. Or, free will is a fact so determinism is false.
    • Libertarianism
      • Determinism is false, people are free to make moral choices and are fully morally responsible
    • Predestination
      • God has decided who will be saved
    • 'Ought implies can'
      • Someone cannot be blamed for what he could not do, but only for what he could have done, but didn't do.


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