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1. What is Hazard analysis

  • It identifies what could go wrong in production process and puts in place checks to prevent or reduce the risk.
  • Over looking the production from a managers perceptive
  • analyzing the food production with great thoroughness
  • Looking at different food products and the pros and cons of that production
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2. Which of these protects cells?

  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B

3. Which of these three are ethical preferences

  • Some people wont eat fish that has become engendered
  • Convenience foods are popular with people who lead busy lifes
  • Entertaining foods are popular with children
  • Special offers attract costumers who want to save money

4. Which of these is not a way to improve a products quality?

  • Chemical preservation
  • Hygienic kitchen
  • Thermometers and temperature probes
  • Cutters

5. What is a nano food?

  • Produced on a small scale
  • Made for small appetizers
  • Controls the size and shape at a nano-meter scale
  • Very small foods


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