Food Revision

Health and Safety


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Packaging and Labling

All packaging must include:


Product's Name

Manufactures Name

Best Before Date/Sell By Date/Used By Date

Nutritional Values/Ingredients (listed in decending oreder of weight)

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The Freezer must be at least -18c

The Fridge must be at least +5c

The fridge must be cleaned using detergant

Defrost your Fridge/Freezer reguarly

Use a Thermomiter to check Fridge and Freezer temperatures

Avoid Overloading

Store root vegetables away from other fruit and veg and in a dark place

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Food Properties

Binding- Helps stick ingredients together

Browning- Adds a layer of colour to the mixture

Flavouring- Helps to make somthing taste better

Preserving- Helps food last longer

Sweetening- Improves the flavour of certain foods by adding sugar or fruit

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