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Internet (credit to james thompsonnn)
•A global telecommunications network linking computers from all over the world.
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World Wide Web
•The world web web (www) is a collecion of information that has grown up on a computer thats connected to the internet.
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Uniform Resource Locator
A URL is a unique adress for referring to resources on the internet.
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Hypertext Transfer Potocol
•HTTP is a protocol that defines the process of identifying, requesting and transferring multimedia webpages over the internet.
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IP Adress
•Each computer linked to the internet has a physical adress, a number called an IP Adress.
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Web Browser
•It is the application running on a users computer that requests the text and graphics of webpages from servers on the internet and assembling them for display.
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Web Server
•A webserver provides internet pages for other computers through the internet.
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Web Hosting
•A web hosting service is a type of internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website acessible via the world wide web.
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File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
•The most common rotocol for the movement of files across the internet.
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Internet Service Provider
•An organisation thet has direct links to the internet and acepts transmissions from users over dial up or brodband connections and passes theese onto the internet.
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Search Engines
•An application acessed over the internet that contains an index of all webpages.
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•A cache is a total store of recently acessed webpages and the images that they contain, kept by the browser. Because transmitting more information than is strictly necessary over the internet is inefficient.
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•Are small files placed on the users hard drive by a website that he or she has visited.
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•A Portal is a website designed to be the one that a user will want to visit first when accessing the web.
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•A website is acollection of webpages at the same domain, often with a common theme and usually maintained by a single individual or organization.
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•A webpage is a document accessed in a browser. it will generally contain text and graphics and may well contain audio or video.
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World Wide Web


•The world web web (www) is a collecion of information that has grown up on a computer thats connected to the internet.

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Uniform Resource Locator


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Hypertext Transfer Potocol


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IP Adress


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